The Integrated Qigong Form: The Nine Phases of Qi Cultivation


OPEN - Three Intentions/Corrections

Align the Body * Regulate the Breath * Quiet the Mind


EARTH - Medicine for the Body

Phase ONE: Discover Qi - Pulsing Qi Ball

Phase TWO: Gather Qi - Gather from Heaven & Earth

Phase THREE: Circulate Qi - Release and gather Qi to the side, flex at hip, stroke Qi down front of leg then up sides


HEARTMIND - Medicine for Mind and Emotions

Phase FOUR: Purify Qi - Clearing the small universe; sides, above, front, below

Phase FIVE: Direct Qi - Tracing the energy channels; full body, arms and head

Phase SIX: Conserve Qi - Wave Hands like Clouds


HEAVEN - Medicine for the Spirit

Phase SEVEN: Store Qi - Qi Bath/Marrow Washing

Phase EIGHT: Transform Qi - Stretching, rotating, refining Qi, The Old Dragon Polishes the Pearl

Phase NINE: Dissolve Into Qi - Standing Meditation - merging with your ultimate nature


Phase TEN: Transmitting Qi

*organized by Dr. Roger Jahnke, OMD