It is with great excitement that my family and I announce our plans to move up to the Pacific Northwest. I will miss everyone so much, but my heart is full of your generous support and wisdom. You have all created such a giving community in Eagle Rock and the surrounding areas, and I am so grateful to have worked with each and everyone of you. I am truly a better person and teacher because of you and your gracious energy. Please stay in touch and come share in the Qi with a few bittersweet tears, as we have a goodbye (at least for now) practice in the park on Sunday, June 2nd in Brookside Park, Pasadena! Check the calendar for details! With love and gratitude, Trace

"The essence of tai ji is really to help you get acquainted with your own sense of potential growth, the creative process of just being you. Tai ji helps you to be you and to let that sense of wonder and development and constant joy of changing happen to you. Tai ji is a discipline that you as a person, as a human being, can begin to dig into and practice, and it will serve you."

-Chungliang Al Huang  - Embrace Tiger Return to Mountain